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The Most Fascinating Places in South India

Beyond icons such as the Taj Mahal or the Pink City of Jaipur, India encompasses a very tropical south, full of contrasts and dream oases. We invite you to discover the most fascinating Places in South India to see in southern India.

India is one of the largest countries in the world, which is why the first contact usually includes the famous Golden Triangle. The group of cities formed by Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is a must-see to enjoy with all five senses (at least), but India is more, much more, especially when we talk about its southern area. As we descend, the land blooms in the form of thousands of coconut trees, colorful villages, and spice markets across the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We dive into this sea of a thousand tapestries to discover the most fascinating Places in South India.

Places in South India
Places in South India

Fort Kochi

What is considered the “gateway of spices” is located in the state of Kerala and is today the perfect crossroads between East and West. A city spread over a peninsula where the Hindu, Jewish and Muslim communities coexist among narrow streets where the markets reveal as many colorful chili peppers as there are ways to prepare them. And cycle through the old Dutch mansions, get lost in the artistic workshops of Princess Street or reach the great highlight of the city: the famous Chinese fishing nets that try to capture the sunset.

Places in South India: Backwaters of Kerala

From Fort Kochi we can delve into the tropical secrets of Kerala through its backwaters, a set of 900 km of canals, lagoons and rivers to discover aboard a kettuvalam. These old rice boats have been converted into floating hotels through which we can see all the charms of this semi-submerged land: there in the distance a local climbs a coconut tree, the shepherds guide the ducks and its inhabitants today use a boat instead of buses or taxis. An aquatic world bordered by jungles and tropical forests where new forms of life are born.

Places in South India: Kanyakumari

The southernmost point of all of India is famous for encompassing the presence of the Bengal Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. A mystical place whose Sunset View Point includes the enormous statue of the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, the great protagonist of Cape Comorin. The perfect excuse to get lost among small villages with the aroma of fish, boats of a thousand colors or the Vivekananda Rock Monument, built on two rocks where, according to believers, the monk Swami Vivekananda received Enlightenment from him. One of the charming places you have to see in South India.


If you have seen the film based on the novel Life of Local, you will surely recognize this city in the state of Tamil Nadu that represents a small portion of the French Riviera in southern India. For a time, the French dominated this town with colorful streets, pink churches and bohemian cafes where you could park your bicycle and let yourself be carried away by the whims of the breeze. As open to the sea as it is to contrasts, Pondicherry is also popular for the presence of Auroville, a global community founded in 1973 that pursues a harmonious way of life among people from all over the world.


South India is color, magic and spirituality. A good example is found in the town of Madurai, known as “the Athens of India” and famous for the presence of the Meenakshi Temple, in honor of the goddess of fortune. Built in the 17th century, the temple is made up of up to 1,500 colorful mini-sculptures and representations of various gods throughout 14 towers preceded by its enormous gopuram, the entrance threshold that drags us to new worlds of mandalas, offerings and even elephants.


The ancient city of Madras is today one of the great economic engines of Asia and a perfect mosaic of all the influences of South India. Considered a magnet for business tourism, Chennai seduces visitors through its sets of old Anglican churches, promenades and the presence of temples such as the Kapaleeshwarar, Hindu in nature and dedicated to the god Shiva. As a cherry on top, there is nothing better than discovering the restaurants and shops that this cosmopolitan city offers.

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