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Female Solo Travel India Guide

India has 5 small letters and 1 billion and a bunch of inhabitants! It’s scary, isn’t it? And yet this country has charmed more than one through its colorful festivities, its spices, its authenticity, its Bollywood films, and its contrasts. India has as many facets as its people. Many women dream of going to India, but very few dare to do it! And it is exactly for these women that I am writing this article. I am writing to tell you that yes a trip to India for a woman is not as scary as that! It is enough to be attentive, vigilant, open but above all passionate about this magical country that leaves no one indifferent! Because we offer a Female solo Travel India Guide



Safety in India for a Female Solo Travel India

We have all heard of scary stories: rape, kidnapping, and theft in India! As I know such kinds of valance’s, scare is exist in everywhere in the world. A woman traveling must be well prepared, vigilant, and above all ready for adventure. Here are some essential rules to follow for women who want to try a Female solo Travel India trip to India. So, ready to explore the country of Mahatma Gandhi…? 

Preparing your travel itinerary in India

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Preparing your itinerary in advance with all the necessary reservations is the number 1 rule for a Female solo Travel India! This is particularly important in India. Going on an adventure trip to India without a minimum of preparation is not a good idea. We easily get lost in big cities, we want to avoid finding ourselves alone in the street with all our luggage looking for a hotel or waiting for a train, and of course, we want to optimize our time in India. So girls, get informed and organize your itinerary according to your desires and your interests!

Always plan your transport in advance

Arrange to be your pick up & drop at the airport or train station by arranging an authorized travel agent in India or transporter, all pick-up & drop should be from your hotel or guest house in advance. It is also better for women to travel to India during the day rather than at night.

Don’t use tuk-tuk (Threewheelear)

The most “fun” transport in India is TUK TUK! Convenient and not expensive, but is it not safe for women, I know it makes getting around easier and lets you live the Indian experience like a real local. Have your route on a map or on your phone’s GPS! Avoid taking tuk-tuks especially at night! You never know what can happen in poorly lit alleys. So I can’t suggest a tourist ride at tuk – tuk, yes day time with your guide you can enjoy this ride a lot.

How to dress in India as a woman?

India is a fairly conservative country and modesty is required. The idea is to make yourself invisible, to blend in with the crowd, to avoid perverse or insistent looks, which are quite common when you are a woman traveling alone in India.

Forget your shorts and mini skirts and go for the big sarwal kameez!

Always take a large shawl that you will put on your shoulders and on your chest especially to visit the temples & gurudwara (Shikh temple) & mosque! The Indians may show their bellies, but the rest of their body remains “covered”. The ideal is to buy everything on site because this kind of clothing is available everywhere, and is above all very cheap.

Dressing in traditional clothes in beautiful saris is not only practical to protect yourself from the heat and blend in with the decor, but it is also a sign of integration and respect, which will earn you points with the local community. 

Always take the safest public transport in India

Flying remains the safest way to travel long distances between cities for a woman traveling alone in India. If your budget is limited, the train is your second best option. Opt for the 1 AC, the most luxurious class train. This often has to be booked in advance. If class 1 AC is not available on the train you want to take. Do not hesitate to switch to 2 AC (6 berths / Wagon) or the 3 AC (9 berths / Wagon). Opt for the upper berths for more privacy. As a general rule, avoid taking public transport alone! It is quite easy to meet other travelers who are on the same route as you in hotels and hostels.

When do you meet others ?

Make friends! Meet other travelers or even locals. Follow your heart and your feminine intuition, it will not deceive you. The Indians are generally very helpful and can make your trip all the more pleasant by showing you unusual places, or inviting you to live unique experiences in India (rituals, weddings, etc.). Be sociable without being native and create your small circle of trusted friends! In crowds, watch out for wandering hands! It’s always more convenient to surround yourself with your travel companions when you’re in a busy place.

Do not be afraid of insistent gaze and “stare”Don’t be afraid when someone asks to take a picture of you or with you. Indians are very curious and are often not used to seeing women with different features. Men & women will definitely stare at you, stare at you, smile at you. In India, you will feel special and famous, sometimes even overstretched. If you like prudence, it will be difficult for you to go unnoticed in India. If you don’t want to take a picture, kindly refuse and continue on your way! Be firm but above all avoid being aggressive!

In India, stay reachable at all times

Woman who travel alone in India do not take unnecessary risks. Buy a chip so you can call a friend or your hotel in an emergency, or to check the internet if you get lost. So make sure your phone is fully charged before you go out, and take your backup battery (PowerBank) with you to be able to charge your phone. The emergency number for the police in India is 112.

Always be sure of yourself

Fear is felt. In India, as everywhere else, you have to know how to project the image of a strong woman who has confidence in herself, and who walks with a determined step when she is alone in the street. Act confident in public to avoid being an easy target for dishonest people! Check your maps at the hotel or in a closed place rather than in public to avoid looking lost in the street! Always take a book with you and put on your headphones to avoid unwanted discussions on the street or on public transport.

South or North India

For your first Female solo Travel India trip to India, I advise you to opt for South India: This part of India is calmer, has less aggressive people, and is rich in natural attractions. The south of the country will allow you to tame India, and build your confidence before going to explore more exotic places. Don’t try to visit too many places on your first trip to India!

If you are nature lovers and looking for a cultural immersion experience, then head to South India! from Tamil Nadu to Kodaikanal via the large tea terraces of Munnar and the backwaters of Kerala you will find what you are looking for. Personally, I suggest to you South India. I find that southern India is less aggressive, and that this region still preserves the ancestral traditions of Indian culture. South Indian people are more warm and simple! You can also go through the seaside resort of Goa, the city of beaches, festivals where an unusual hippie atmosphere reigns.

India is such a vast subcontinent that one often feels lost when it is time to establish one’s itinerary. If you are more of a lover of architecture, historical and cultural monuments, northern India is for you. A tour in the classic golden triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) will give you a first glimpse for a minimum duration of 15 days. For those who have more time, continue your circuit towards Udaipur, Jodhpur until the desert of Jaisalmer. If you are more attracted to hiking in the mountains, take a trip to the Himalayas in the far north of India. Varanasi in central India will delight those who are fascinated by the spiritual culture of India.
So when is your trip to the country of Ghandi?

One last piece of advice: Listen to your heart and follow your intuition, and you’ll be fine! When you travel with a lot of preconceptions and prejudices, you risk missing out on a lot of beautiful emotions and wonderful encounters in India.