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Things to do in Ladakh by Delighted Journey

What things to do in Ladakh by Delighted Journey? How much do you know about Leh Ladakh in India? Do you also have the image of Leh Ladakh in your mind as a place of quiet roads, serene mountains, and a paradise for bikers? If yes, then now is the time to break this notion. Leh Ladakh is an area of India that is landlocked. This is an area of North India that is known as an adventure tourist spot all over the world. Situated at an altitude of 3000 meters from the sea coast, this place is between the Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges. Ladakh offers many interesting opportunities for adventure and thrill. The most interesting things in Ladakh are jeep safari, camel safari, river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, etc.

Along with enjoying safari in Leh Ladakh, you can also admire beautiful landscapes, tourist attractions, peaks of Greater Himalayas. You can also add the rich collection of local flora to Things to do in Leh Ladakh. You can also include monasteries and stupas in Leh Ladakh which have a glimpse of Buddhist philosophy as well as history.

Next, you will know what the Thing to do in Ladakh by Delighted Journey/Leh Ladakh and by knowing about them you can make your trip memorable forever.

Jeep Safari In Ladakh

The Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh is known for both tough and moderate terrains. The area and beauty here is truly astonishing. Jeep safari can be the best way to understand this historical region by traveling by road in Ladakh by Delighted Journey and seeing beautiful lakes while crossing high altitude mountain passes.

One of the most famous jeep safari experiences, the experience of reaching this place via Manali is different from all the others. You can reach here from Leh-Manali Highway. Amazing mountain passes, incomparable views and stunning scenery will leave you in awe. This road trip to India will make you feel the ultimate thrill.

Camel Safari in Ladakh

Don’t be surprised to see Camel Safari in Ladakh. This is one of the activities and Thing to do in Ladakh by Delighted Journey for a lifetime experience. The dunes in Hunder of Nubra Valley are like a “desert in the clouds”.

In Hunder, you can ride a double-humped Bactrian camel, which was once an integral part of this ancient trade route. Apart from this, you can also visit the attractive villages of Nubra. Here you can see many Buddhist Monasteries as well as hot water sulfur spring.

Nubra Valley is one of the famous places of Ladakh. It will take you from green apricot fields to an arid area with snow-clad peaks. Through Camel Safari in Leh Ladakh, you can explore the panoramic views of villages, valleys and Buddhist Gompas.

One of the most famous jeep safari experiences, the experience of reaching this place via Manali is different from all the others. You can reach here from Leh-Manali Highway. Amazing mountain passes, incomparable views and stunning scenery will leave you in awe. This road trip to India will make you feel the ultimate thrill.

Mountain Biking in Ladakh

There is no doubt that mountain biking is the best eco-friendly way to travel in the mountains. This doubles the fun of exploring a place.

If you are passionate about traveling to Leh and Ladakh, then many mountain biking routes are waiting for you including ‘Leh to Alchi’, ‘Leh to Hemis’ and Khardungla Pass.

Magnetic Hill

Located on the Leh – Kargil – Baltik national highway, the famous Magnetic Hill has those magnetic powers which every tourist coming to Leh Ladakh wants to see closely. The magnetic force here is such that it pulls the car towards the hill as soon as it comes within its radius.

Because of this perception, defense forces avoid flying aircraft over this hill. However, there is no doubt that the experience of visiting this hill is unique. Travelers should definitely include this place in their list of places to visit.

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh can be a paradise for people who are looking for trekking and thrill-filled adventure. There are many such trekking spots in Ladakh due to which trekking lovers from all over the world are drawn here. Trekking means exploring nature in its true form and doing so in Ladakh by Delighted Journey is an amazing experience.

Some popular treks in Ladakh are Lumayuru to Darcha trek, Ripchar Valley trek, Padum to Darcha trek, Lamayuru to Alchi trek, Lamayuru Stok Kangri, Markha Valley trek, Rupshu Valley Trek etc.

River Rafting in Zanskar River

There are three major rivers in Ladakh where you can enjoy river rafting. Indus River in Leh region, Zanskar River in Zanskar and Shayok River in Nubra. These places offer you lots of rafting options.

The Zanskar River rafting trip starts with a flight over the Himalayan region, taking you to the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. River rafting between Padum and Nimo in Zanskar Mountains is extremely difficult and exciting. It is good only in white water.

Bike Ride to Tsomoriri Lake

For tourists who are crazy about bike riding, nothing can be better than going to Tsomoriri Lake. Riding a bike to Tsomoriri Lake is an experience you will never forget for a lifetime. In this journey, you will not only see the landscape here but you will also be able to see the wildlife of Ladakh region.

Tsomoriri Lake is one of the famous lakes of Leh Ladakh. It will make you feel peaceful amidst the lofty mountains. In the lake you can admire the blue sky and the mountains spread all around. The ambiance of this place is very romantic, which will make a day out with your partner perfect. You can enjoy hours of peace by camping on the banks of the lake.

Paragliding in Ladakh

If you love the skies and wish to go among them and talk to them, then paragliding in Ladakh can be the best thing for you.

The view you will see while going upwards is amazing. The snow-clad peaks, azure blue waters and rugged views of Ladakh look extremely beautiful from the height of the sky.


The high altitude of Ladakh makes it a big attraction for mountaineers. The height of the mountain peaks is between 15000 feet and 21000 feet. An area that attracts a lot of attention from mountaineers is the Nun-Kun Massif, located in the Great Himalayan region. This place is located near the popular Stok Kangri trek route.

There are some mountain peaks in Ladakh for which climbers are required to obtain special permission from the Government of India. The best time to see the beauty of the mountains is from the months of June to September.

Ice-Hockey in Ladakh

Ice-hockey is one of the most popular sports in Ladakh, but most rural children do not get the chance due to lack of skates and equipment. Unlike Canada, in Ladakh, ice hockey is played outdoors on natural ice. The cool breeze caresses your face and fills your blood with passion.

During the winter months from mid-November to mid-January. Hockey in Ladakh, also known as pond hockey, is a way of life during the long winters in Ladakh. Ladakh is emerging as a destination for winter sports lovers.

Horse Polo in Ladakh

Ladakh Festival is organized during the month of September. Such a festival is rarely organized anywhere else. The entire region of Ladakh is awash with prayer flags, symbols and adornments, presenting an exciting blend of Buddhist and Muslim cultures.

During this time, the plains and valley vibrate with the sound of the footsteps of well-groomed horses during horse polo tournaments. This scene itself invigorates a tired mind and body.

Skiing in Ladakh

One of the most fun activities in Leh Ladakh is skiing. Due to snow covered peaks and high slopes the environment is always favorable for them. The sky remains clear in the Ladakh region and that is why the experience of skiing in the Khardung La range makes you excited.

This game is like a madness. Ladakh hosts several annual skiing competitions in which many professionals take part. During the months of December to March, Ladakh is covered in a blanket of snow.

Wildlife in Ladakh

In Ladakh, there is a famous wildlife sanctuary known as Hemis National Park. It is spread over 4,000 square kilometers, and is now the largest national park in India. It extends from Hemis to the north of Zanskar. This park is considered to be one of the best attractions in Leh Ladakh with more than 200 snow leopards.

It is also home to four species of wild sheep and goats. For bird lovers, this is truly a utopia.

Some of the popular bird species here include Robin accentor, Brown accentor, Tibetan snow finch and Himalayan snow cock. Pollution and noise free environment gives a joyful experience to the birds.

Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Tso Lake is located in the Changthang region of Ladakh. It is one of the sacred, serene and beautiful high altitude lakes in India. In fact, it is the largest high altitude lake in the Indian region.

This beautiful blue palette lake is about 7 kilometers wide and 19 kilometers long. It is a part of the wetland reserve under the Ramsar site and is actually known as the Tso-Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. It has a large number of flora and fauna.

Ladakh Prayer Wheel

One of the most unique things about Buddhist monasteries is the presence of prayer wheels everywhere. Often they are small and built into a wall.

It symbolizes the faith of the Ladakhi people, who despite its adverse conditions lead a cheerful life and never miss an opportunity to celebrate life-God’s beautiful gift.

Hall of Fame Leh Ladakh

On your sightseeing tour of Leh Ladakh, you must visit the Ladakh Hall of Fame, a museum built by the Indian Army for its martyrs. This is a museum built by the Indian Army for its martyrs. It contains memories of the martyrs of Siachen and Kargil wars.

It also includes biographies of defense officials, important photographs and a wide range of weapons. It tells you about the lifestyle tools, equipment and documents used by the natives of Ladakh.

Zanskar Valley Leh Ladakh

Zanskar Valley is a wonderful destination. Zanskar river nourishes this valley. It is also known as Shangri-La. Situated at an altitude of 7,000 meters above sea level, the Zanskar River creates a breathtaking view, and this is what attracts tourists from far and wide.

The river freezes in winter and provides excellent opportunities as a trekking and skiing spot. During summer, the river is perfect for rafting. During your trip to Zanskar Valley, you can also enjoy the places after Leh Ladakh like Karsha Monastery, Drang-Drung Glacier, Nubra Valley and Penzella Pass.

Hemis Monastery

Located in the Hemis region of Leh Ladakh, Hemis Monastery is an ancient Buddhist Gompa of the Drukpa lineage. The monastery is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh and is known for hosting the Hemis festival.

During the Hemis festival, the monastery is decorated in Buddhist and Tibetan colours. The center attraction of the festival is the mystic mask dance which is held in the rectangular courtyard in front. In the local language, this form of dance is known as Chams.

In sympathy with the Chams, musicians play the traditional music of Ladakh. The celebration is so peaceful that it makes your soul calm and happy.

The Moonland of Lamayuru

Lamayuru village is located about 127 km from Leh and is popularly known as Moonland. This is because the color of its soil is considered to be similar to that of the moon. This small village is famous for being home to the ancient Lamayuru Monastery, the main seat of the Drikung Kagyu tradition. After the holy journey; Climb to the top to get a full view of Lamayuru’s moonscapes. Meditation Hill is known to offer the best views. From here, you can also see some of the most decorated stupas in Ladakh by Delighted Journey.

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara

Ladakh is generally known as the land of monasteries. However, it is also home to Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. Located on the Srinagar Leh Highway, Gurdwara Patthar Sahib was built in the 16th century to commemorate the visit of Guru Nanak Dev to Ladakh. The main features of Gurdwara Patthar Sahib are the picture of Guru Nanak Dev and the footprints of a demon on the rock.

Things to do in Ladakh By Delighted Journey

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