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The first thing in the Leh Ladakh Travel Information tour Guide is always to remember to bring your passport and visa with you.
We would suggest that you make a photocopy of your passport, leave the original safe in the hotel, and travel with the photocopy.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


On the flight from Europe, the on-board staff will give you a form to fill in with your details and those of your passport, to be presented together with your visa and passport. Also fill in the part relating to baggage customs, indicating the number of packages you have with you, which you will have to hand over to the staff before leaving the customs-free area of the airport, and the part relating to departure from India, which you will have to keep.


After collecting your luggage, at the airport exit, you will find the staff of our corresponding agency waiting for you. It will have a visible sign, indicating the name of the corresponding agency itself, and at least one of your names. If you don’t meet them right away, wait or ask. Please do not move from the arrivals area, as they will look for you there.
For any eventuality, you have the telephone number, you can contact them.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


If you are traveling individually, upon your arrival the local staff you will meet will ask you for the Voucher that we have issued to you, and will replace it with as many vouchers and airline tickets, according to your program. From time to time, upon your arrival at the next stage, you will hand over the respective documentation to the staff waiting for you.
If you have booked a regular tour with a guide, or a guide who follows you throughout the entire itinerary, they will take care of everything.


All times will be communicated to you from time to time by local staff.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


The corresponding agency will take care of the reconfirmation of your flights.


No vaccinations are currently mandatory. Antimalarial prophylaxis is recommended.


Enclosed you any of your insurance policies. Please read it carefully.
We through the blog of Leh Ladakh Travel Information hope you don’t need it, but in case of emergency, you will know what to do.
The important thing, should the intervention of our agency be requested, is that you contact their offices as soon as possible at the address indicated in the policy, active in Italy 24 hours a day.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


4 and a half hours ahead, when it is winter time is in Europe.
3 and a half hours ahead, when summer time is in Europe.


The local currency is the Indian Rupee (Rs). In January 2024, 1 Euro was equivalent to approximately 90 rupees, 1 US $ was equivalent to approximately 80 rupees. It can be changed upon arrival at the airport, in the hotel, in the banks.

We recommend exchanging small sums at a time, since any remaining rupees can be reconverted with great difficulty and at great expense, only by presenting an exchange receipt (they are commonly issued at the time of currency exchange, it is better to keep them). Traveller’s checks and credit cards are accepted only in hotels and in some souvenir shops. In souvenir shops and hotels you can change the amount of rupees you need on the spot.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


Direct dialing from the hotel room. Before using the hotel telephone, read the rates and regulations. ATTENTION: in many hotels if no one answers and you have made the phone ring more than three times, they may still charge you for the call.
The cell phone works, although it depends on the area where you are. Contact your provider for more information on international roaming agreements.


We through the blog of Leh Ladakh Travel Information recommend that you bring a sufficient supply of your usual medicines with you. It is good practice to also have the medical prescription with you, if translated into English it will avoid having problems in case of need.
A small travel first aid kit (anti-fever, painkillers, antidiarrheals, disinfectants, plasters, etc. This can be recommended by your doctor).

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


Practical clothing, in natural fibres. A light sweater or sweatshirt can always be useful.
Too revealing clothes, tank tops, shorts, and miniskirts are not very welcome in the cities.
Furthermore, visits are often linked to sacred places, which require decent clothing.
Given the dirt on the streets, we through the blog Leh Ladakh Travel Information recommend closed shoes and socks.
A pair of thick cotton socks can be worn when you remove your shoes to enter the sacred places. Once finished, you can place them in a plastic bag and thus maintain hygiene.
Outdoor areas around religious monuments are also often considered sacred.
If you go by boat, remember to bring something to protect you from the wind.


Respect and discretion when photographing people, especially in places of prayer.
It is good practice to always ask permission.
In some temples or other monumental places you have to pay a fee to take photographs or film. Photographing airports, military locations and troops is always prohibited.
Bring with you all the photographic material you deem necessary (film and any spare batteries).
In India it is often very expensive and the conservation status is not guaranteed (too hot, expiry).


In your room, or at the reception, you will find safes: use them to deposit valuables or important things that you do not need immediately (passport, plane ticket, money, etc.).

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


The craftsmanship of India is now famous throughout the world. Objects in wood, leather, fabrics, scarves, inlaid marble, miniatures, precious stones, jewels, silver and many other curiosities still made today with traditional methods are the best purchases.
Souvenir shops and those in large hotels offer very high quality items, but at equally high prices. The markets and small workshops offer the best deals: if you bargain for a long time you get good prices. Be careful with so-called “antiquities”.
Should you make any valuable purchases, we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems that arise subsequently, even if the shop or seller has been recommended to you by local guides provided by us.


A European regulation to protect the environment prohibits the importation into Europe of objects derived from animal and plant species, protected worldwide, because they are at risk of extinction. Ivory, tortoiseshell, some types of coral, elephant skin items, rare orchids and shells, live animals such as parrots, crocodiles, etc. are among the protected species. You have to be very careful, because the purchase may be legal, but at European customs you risk seizure, a very high fine, and even a prison sentence.

Leh Ladakh Travel Information Guide blog


In case you go out without your guide, we suggest you bring with you a business card or a brochure from the hotel you are staying in, which is often also written in Hindi. Your return to the hotel will be guaranteed even if you encounter taxi drivers who do not speak English. Most taxi drivers will offer to wait for you and then take you back. The system is excellent, because it guarantees you will find a reliable taxi when you are perhaps tired, especially if it is dark. It is slightly more expensive than one way. We suggest negotiating the one-way cost first. Then you get them to tell you when they want to stop and return too. This way you won’t risk paying excessive amounts. Make sure it is clear, so as to avoid unpleasant discussions.

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