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Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a wonderful and peaceful tourist place located in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. Its proximity to Delhi, Haryana, and Western UP further increases its attraction. Why not extend it, given the lack of time and the fact that it can be completed in a weekend, this trip is so special.

Let us tell you all those things about Jim Corbett National Park, which will enhance your trip. The distance of Jim Corbett National Park from Delhi is about 230 kilometers. If you plan for this journey then you should take care of some special things.

Jim Corbett National Park

How to Reach Jim Corbett

To reach Jim Corbett National Park, you can use train, bus or private/commercial vehicle. If you are thinking of going to Jim Corbett by train, then the nearest railway station there is Ramnagar, where you can get down and complete your further journey. You can take a bus to Ramnagar from Kashmere Gate bus stand or Anand Vihar bus stand in Delhi. Buses are also available for different areas of Jim Corbett. You can easily get buses from Anand Vihar bus stand. If you are planning to go to Jim Corbett by private vehicle or commercial vehicle, then keep in mind that you cover the distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett in 5 hours. Therefore, keep an eye on the time.

Jim Corbett National Park

Where to Stay in Jim Corbett National Park

There is more than hundreds resort in Dhikuli village in Jim Corbett National Park. However, its 5 safari tourism zones (Dhikala, Bijrani, Dhela, Durga Devi, Sitabani) also have separate resorts. You can stay there as per your convenience.

Kosi River- Kosi River is the life of Jim Corbett National Park. If you stay in a resort on the banks of Kosi river, then you can enjoy nature in other ways by taking a walk till the river.

Jim Corbett National Park

How to Book Jipsy in Jim Corbett

During your trip to Jim Corbett National Park, Gypsy is the key point that can make your trip memorable. Though the fare of Gypsy is said to be around Rs 5500 per ride when taken from resorts, but you can get it for Rs 4000 or even Rs 4500 per ride. While booking Gypsy, please check the conditions.

Best Zone for Permit in Jim Corbett

There are 5 zones in Jim Corbett but the most famous zone is Dhikala. This has also been shown in the film Kaal. The chances of seeing tigers and elephants are highest here. It rarely happens that you go to Dhikala and do not encounter a tiger or an elephant. Yes, but for the permit here you have to book several weeks in advance. In other zones you get booking a few days or even a day or two in advance. The work of this booking is the responsibility of the person booking Gypsy.

Jim Corbett National Park

Forest Rest House in Jim Corbett

Forest rent houses have also been built in Jim Corbett zone. For this you can book months in advance. If you get a chance to stay here then consider that luck is with you. If you spend even a day in the forest, it seems as if you get your wish. Let’s look at the animals, they are different. Isn’t it amazing !!!

How to Make Itinerary for Jim Corbett National Park

You can plan Jim Corbett trip for at least 3 days. After reaching here on Friday morning, you can enjoy the whole day by roaming around, staying in the resort and having fun in the pool. You can devote the next day for safari. One safari is in the morning and one in the afternoon. If you do safari in the morning then you can do some other activities in the evening and if you do safari in the evening then you can do some more activities in the morning. In this, one can visit river walk, trekking, nearby temples, etc. And then next/last day check out.

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park 5 Zone

For proper management of tourism activities in the Tiger Reserve area, Corbett National Park has been divided into 5 ecotourism zones. These zones are Dhikala Zone, Bijrani Zone, Jhirna Zone, Dhela Zone and Durga Devi Zone. Safari tours in these zones are organized by forest officials in two shifts. To ensure adequate tourist flow in all zones, only a limited number of jeeps are fixed for each shift. Every zone has its own natural charm, specific landscape beauty and wildlife. Dhikala is the only zone in which traveling is done by canter instead of gypsy.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park By Delighted Journey

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