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By Delighted Journey

Madurai: Travel Guide

What to do and what to visit in Madurai? Madurai the City of the Temples, is also know nicknamed by the Athens of South India. Over the centuries, it has been a hotspot for tourism, but it is also considered the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. If you plan to visit there, you will be...
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Golden Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple Amritsar, Harmandir Sahib India is a great destination. It’s not for everyone, although many say a trip to India changes their lives. Is it true? As India is a spiritual country and many places here attract to pilgrimes to explore the temples, gurudwara, churches, mosques etc. But the holy shrine of Shikh “Golden Temple” is the...
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Yoga Destinations in India

Top 8 Yoga Destinations in India to Rejuvenate Your Body, Soul and Mind Do you dream of practicing yoga in India, the land of origin of this discipline of body and mind? It’s a great idea, but you still need to know where to do yoga in India, off the beaten track. Here is a...
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Luxury Wildlife Tour North India

Wildlife Safari in India

Wildlife Safari in India Blessed with rich landscape, India has a varied wildlife culture. If you are looking for some real fun and adventure, wildlife safari in India is the best pick. A jungle safari is the only way that can take you as close as possible to the animals while they are in their...
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