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Ayurvedic Therapies in India by Delighted Journey

Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic Therapies in India

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and is therefore a philosophy, born in India, which applies to life and things. Ayurvedic Therapies in India is essentially a system for the prevention and treatment of diseases that starts from a holistic approach that is interested in the person as a whole and in harmony with nature with the aim of tracing the causes that determine the symptom.

Ayurvedic Therapies in India

According to this practice, three types of vital energy flow in the body in different proportions according to the constitution of each individual: the doshas.

The three doshas vary their balance over the course of the year, seasons and days. Ayurvedic therapies in India take these variations into account, suggesting suitable behaviors and foods to eat according to each change and in the event of their imbalance which would lead to an illness.

These three energies are called vata, pitta and khapa. Each dosha is composed of the combination of two of the five elements (air-ether-water-fire-earth) and has certain qualities that characterize it.

Thanks to the identification of the prevalence of one of these three forces in each person, the person can be classified both from a personality and physical point of view.

In this way, we can identify the dysfunctions that can derive from it, which always arise from imbalances that are created between these Doshas. Targeted Ayurvedic massages are also applied in the studio.

Deep relaxation techniques :Ayurvedic Therapies in India

Relaxation is a state that is reached in order to receive calm, peace and happiness.

Achieving these objectives occurs using various methods. These include meditation, imaginative techniques and hypnosis.

Among the benefits of relaxation there is greater awareness, a reduction in anxiety, an increase in concentration and memory capacity, a greater level of energy and vitality.

Ayurvedic Therapies in India


Aromatherapy is considered a branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils that are used for health maintenance and therapy.

The term aromatherapy does not exclusively mean the olfactory use of essential oils but also all other applications:
topical, inhaled and oral.

Aromatherapy has multiple benefits on both the body and the psyche.

Ayurvedic Therapies in India


The color and tones of light that radiate towards a specific part of the body transmit vibrations that bring the energies back into balance.

Color puncture is a color-based method to treat various problems of our body and psyche, such as: migraines, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, sadness and depression, chronic fatigue, fear and hypertension.

Ayurvedic Therapies in India

Emotional energetic massage

It is a personalized massage for each patient where I have combined the properties of Ayurvedic massage with those of pure essential oils. In targeted cases it can be combined with chromopuncture.

This type of massage promotes the expression of emotions and the flow of vital energy.

Ayurvedic Therapies in India

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