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Trip to India: what is Indian gastronomy worth?

On a gastronomic trip to India, tourists will be amazed by the local cuisine. The Indians have perfectly mastered the art of spices, sauces, vegetables, breads and rice. In this section, travelers will have an idea of the dishes specially prepared to their palates. But before discovering these Indian recipes, here are a few points to remember.

An irregular cuisine that ensures well-being and health in Trip to India guide

Trip to India while during a getaway to India, backpackers will eat a lot. This destination surprises with its different local specialties which constitute real wonders for the finest gourmets. Each preparation includes an exotic touch highlighting original and technical ingredients. The most popular elements for simmering good Indian dishes are multiple and fragrant. The most important among them remains spices.

These essentially bring together nutmeg, anise sheed, cardamom, saffron and even cumin. Also found in the ingredients are meat (pork, mutton, chicken, beef, fish), almonds and coconut milk. Rice is constantly included in each recipe. However, it can be replaced with a wide variety of wheat-based breads. One thing is certain during this culinary escapade in India, all the preparations certainly ensure well-being and health.

Hygiene is very delicate during a stay in India. Few travelers have escaped mild food poisoning, but nothing serious. To avoid this inconvenience, the ideal is to only drink bottled or boiled water. Before consuming, you must check that the bottle is sealed. For local drinks, it is recommended to request “no-ice”. Ice cream should also be avoided, as should raw preparations such as salads and raw vegetables. It is better to opt for marinated, stewed, and boiled dishes.

Various culinary preparation techniques to discover during the trip to India

An Indian culinary escapade allows food lovers to discover a wide range of regional specialties. Despite the safety principles that apply everywhere to avoid any digestive inconvenience, the menus offered à la carte are strongly influenced by the region to be visited. There are two main types of cuisine available during a stay in India with friends or family. The first is vegetarian cuisine, which offers varied dishes and a balanced diet likely to convert fans of carnivorous dishes. This can be entirely strict (pure veg’). This means that the recipes do not contain fish, meat, eggs or cheese.

Some local cooks do not even add onion or garlic to their preparation. This initiative is theoretically prohibited for Hindus. According to this religion, any food growing underground is considered unclean because this action prevents insects and worms from living. Strict vegetarianism also concerns Jains as well as certain worshipers of Krishna. It should be noted that this mode of consumption is not only a religious issue. Meat is expensive in India.

For non-vegetarian cuisine, it is mainly made from chicken, goat or mutton. Pork and beef are rarely found in Indian cuisine because the majority of the population is Muslim. What’s more, the culture of the sacred cow constitutes another reason which pushes the locals not to eat this type of meat. Despite this, the consumption of red meat, particularly buffalo, is increasingly notable in the northern region of India. In short, this locality is more deliberately carnivorous, while the southern region of the country is essentially vegetarian.

The different specialties to taste and the basic dishes in India

Whatever destination you choose during a stay in India, tourists will not fail to savor dhal. This is a lentil-based dish that can be enjoyed all over the country. Curry is generally made from a mixture of powdered spices. It has become the name of a sauce and a dish made from the preparation of many foods such as chicken, mutton, fish as well as vegetables. For biryani and pulao, these dishes are based on rice pilaf flavored with saffron and cooked with or without meat. They are also available in vegetarian or egg versions. Inexpensive but very gourmet, these recipes can delight lovers of lightly spiced dishes.

Tandooris are also one of the menus that you absolutely must taste during a trip to India. As its name suggests, this dish is cooked in the tandoor. It is generally composed of pieces of meat or fish previously macerated in spicy and spicy yogurt. Lovers of minced meat skewers can also treat their taste buds by tasting kebabs. Among the specialties not to be missed during your stay in India, there is kofta. It is a kind of minced meat or vegetable balls, dipped in a spicy yogurt sauce and cooked in a tandoor.

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