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“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

By Delighted Journey

Travel Plan to South India

We explore South India, Kerala in January 2024, here I try to share my experience in my blog. It is both a declaration of love to the beautiful state of Kerala and a practical guide that should help your travel plan make to South India Kerala. We will therefore try to answer most of the...
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Luxury Travel to India

A luxury trip to India transforms us and immerses us in the spell of its ancient culture. Experts say that Ayurveda, a traditional Indian therapeutic system, is one of the great gifts that the wise men of ancient India gave to humanity. It is undoubtedly a country of contrasts, from the imposing Himalayan mountains in...
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Best Wildlife Packages in India

Flora in India India’s flora is one of the richest in the world. So far, around 16,000 species of flowering plants and around 30,000 spore plants have been identified. This accounts for 6-7% of the plant species in the world. Depending on the vegetation zone, we differentiate between thorn bush zone, dry deciduous forest, moist...
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Ladakh is the northernmost and sparsely populated region of India and, with its location in the Himalayas, a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. As soon as you land at the airport of the capital Leh, you enter a different world. Wherever you look you see the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas stretching out in front of...
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The Golden Temple Amritsar (India)

The golden temple of Amritsar is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in India and, for me, one of the essential places to see in this country. I visited the temple in 2023, during my trip through Asia with no return date, and it was a destination that impressed me. The organization, the atmosphere,...
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Sikkim- Darjeeling travel Guide: From the summit of the third highest mountain in the world, the 8586m high Kanchendzonga, to mighty rivers that roar at the bottom of deep valleys. From alpine landscapes full of flowers and meadows between rugged mountains to dense subtropical forests. All of this is wrapped in intense greenery and where...
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