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Top 10 National Parks in India by Delighted Journey

Top 10 National Parks: If you love seeing wildlife in natural habitats and witnessing epic landscapes firsthand, then perhaps it’s time to plan a trip to a national park in India. India has many national parks spread across its various regions, and these places are home to some of the most amazing animal and plant species in the world. Although there are many national parks worth visiting across the country, here are 10 to get you started on your wild exploration of India.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh one of the Top 10 National Parks

A popular national park is Bandhavgarh National Park, known as the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and one of the Top 10 National Parks in India. Apart from tigers, this park is also home to leopards, wild boars, deer, reptiles and hundreds of bird species. The landscapes here range from high cliffs to green valleys, and the park is a little harder to reach than others on this list. Various tour packages are offered here including multi-day trips to see the tigers, capture great photographs and experience the region. You can stay at high-end resorts like Mahua Kothi, unique luxury resorts like Tree House Hideaway Resort, or cheaper standard resorts like Mogli Jungle Resort when visiting the park. Plan to visit this park between November and May.

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

Located in West Bengal, Sunderbans National Park has a large concentration of Bengal tigers and is made up of water canals and mangrove forests. This is a great mangrove sanctuary that you can explore along the coast. You’ll explore this park by boat instead of by jeep or on a walking tour. Plan your trip between December and February to this park. You can usually find eco-friendly accommodations in the village here for your trip.

Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh

The Great Himalayan National Park is the country’s youngest national park and has everything from glaciers to streams and forests. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. It is a feast for the eyes and home to rare plants, birds and mammals. If you are patient, you can see ibex on the cliffs, antelope, snow leopards and many species of birds. The park is remote and rugged, so physically fit and adventurous travelers should book hiking. Visit this park between March and June or between September and November.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

This is India’s first national park and is named after a tiger hunter who brought attention to this region. This is a place to see tigers, elephants and other creatures in the wild. The landscapes are varied here, and it is best to visit between November and May. This is a popular place to book a jeep safari with a local guide company to see some of the four separate zones of the park. You can also hire a local guide to tour the park on foot.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Wild tigers also live in Ranthambore National Park, and guided safaris are offered here to help you see one for yourself. This is a big park, and the nearest town is Sawai Madopur. However, it is always very popular due to its proximity to Delhi. Nearby hotel options include Sherbagh, Tiger Den Resort and Vanya Vilas Resort. Several wildlife viewing tour options are offered. This park is best visited between November and March, and expect to have some crowds when you visit.

Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat

This national park is a great place to see lions in their natural habitats because the lion population has grown over the years. Visit this park between December and March for the best weather and consider taking a jeep safari tour. You can book a wildlife tour package to see the rare Asiatic lions, as well as hyenas, Gir foxes, brown fish owls and other native creatures. This is the only place outside of Africa where you can see lions in the wild.

Mudumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu

One South Indian destination worth adding to your travel bucket list is Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu. There are tigers in the jungle here, as well as peacocks, wild boars, monkeys, deer and other creatures. The park is about 93 miles northwest of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and shares boundaries with Kerala and Karnataka. This pair is home to hundreds of bird species, including some that are critically endangered. Top attractions to see here include the Elephant Feeding Camp, Moyar River Gorge, Madumali Museum and Pykara Lake.

Parc national de Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Le parc national de Kanha, dans le Madhya Pradesh, mérite également d’être visité, qui est la région centrale de l’Inde et une jungle célèbre. C’est un endroit où vous pouvez entrer dans la forêt et ressentir l’éloignement de ce parc. Il y a plusieurs parties et zones différentes dans ce parc, vous souhaiterez donc peut-être réserver une excursion en jeep pour atteindre différentes sections. Ce parc est le décor du célèbre roman Le Livre de la Jungle de Rudyard Kipling. Planifiez votre visite au parc national de Kanha entre novembre et juin.

Top 10 National Parks in India by Delighted Journey

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