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Tailor-Made Best Trip to India by Delighted Journey

Our vision of travel at Delighted Journey is to offer you authentic stays, off the beaten track. We are a local expert based in different cities in India & Nepal, will listen to you and personalize your stay so that it meets your expectations. You will find in this guide all the practical information concerning the progress of your best Trip to India.

How are our tailor-made best trip to India organized?

You’re welcome at the airport
When you arrive at the airport, your guide or representative will pick you up with a sign with your name on it. You will then be briefed on the progress of your stay. You will discuss the itinerary and program together, then you will be transferred to your accommodation.

If your stay begins without the services of the guide, it is your driver with a Delighted Journey representative who will welcome you, always at the airport. In the majority of cases, he is English-speaking. He will have your itinerary in hand and will know exactly where to take you.

Regarding currency exchange, we recommend avoiding airport exchange offices which charge very high rates. You will find exchange offices in hotels or your driver will be there to advise you.

Our Tour Packages as a best trip to India in Delighted Journey

The majority of our tours in India are carried out as a driver-guide or driver-alone formula. As the signage and general road conditions are complicated, we consider it necessary to have a driver to ensure the smooth running of your tour. In terms of transport, you will have a recent, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle.

If you opt for the presence of a guide throughout your trip, he will pass on his extensive knowledge to you about India, the culture, aspects of daily life… He is also your intermediary for interacting with the population. local and facilitate moments of sharing. He will naturally be there to advise you, tell you what the areas of interest are in the surrounding area, good restaurants, etc in your best trip to India.

If you only have a driver, he will know the route of your tour perfectly and will be able to advise you on the best photo spots, hidden corners that are a little less touristy. Also, we will call on a local guide to provide you with the necessary information on the cultural sites. Also note that in India, it is customary to tip. We recommend giving between 10 – 15 US$ per day based on 2 or 4 participants.

It is common to use a domestic flight or sleeper train during a trip to India, to change regions and discover more about this vast country. In this case, you will be transferred and greeted each time by a Delighted Journey’s representative.

Ideal length of stay?

To fully discover the country and see the essentials, you need a minimum of 15 days. India is a colorful country, each region has its own atmosphere! We create tailor-made trips, our local expert will personalize this stay according to your preferences.

You will discover Rajasthan with the unmissable Taj Mahal, emblem of India, which is an architectural gem and one of the new seven wonders of the world. From the great imperial cities, through the Red Fort, to Agra, an emblematic place of the beauties of Rajasthan, you will discover a very rich cultural heritage.

Many walks will take you to meet the locals, particularly in the lively streets of New Delhi or in the many small local markets. And why not a boat trip on the Ganges, a sacred river, or a trek in the mountains? You will also have the opportunity to go to Ranthambore National Park, to search for the Sacred Tiger during your safari.

North-East India offers a completely different picture. You will discover through encounters that traditions and ancestral rites punctuate the life of the population, which makes the region of Arunachal Pradesh one of the most picturesque. Between tribal villages and monasteries, you will take the time to discover the way of life of the locals.

From the mountains to the jungle, including the lagoon, Kerala is a region that will seduce you. During your journey you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Indian culture through visits to sacred temples, markets and bazaars, a spice garden… Immersion guaranteed!

You will have the opportunity to discover this region through various activities: boarding a kettuvallams on the lagoon, a sort of “boat house”, or a hike in the jungle to track animals and discover lush vegetation, or even a rickshaw ride in Pondicherry to get a unique insight into the city! Our local expert will be at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made trip that suits you.

Our accommodation categories

There are all types of accommodation in India. Depending on your preferences and your budget, our expert will select the accommodation of your choice. We favor well-located structures, in the city center, so that you can optimize your free time.

You will have the opportunity to sleep in 2 and 3 star hotels, which are simple and comfortable. These are small structures with which we are used to working, of which we are sure of the good quality of services.

It is also possible to stay in a 4-star hotel with intimate charm. Finally, for the magic to work, you can choose to sleep in the “Grand Palaces”, which once hosted the Maharajas. These exceptional places, all rivaling each other in beauty, have been transformed into hotels with great comfort. The atmosphere is unique, you will live an extraordinary experience.

Cuisine in India

In India, you will find a wide choice of establishments, ranging from small traditional restaurants to international restaurants. We generally offer tours with breakfast only, so you have more freedom to taste the culinary specialties.

You will have the opportunity to taste classics of Indian cuisine: aloo gobi, a traditional dish made from potatoes and cauliflower garnished with a set of spices, samosas, Tandoori chicken or even Murgh Makhani (for the bravest) a sauce dish made with curry, ginger and green chili! On the sweet side, let yourself be tempted by Bebinca, a coconut-based dessert. All you have to do is taste, but be careful in India we eat spicy food!

For a traditional lunch in a local establishment, it costs between 10 and 15 US $ per person, then around 25 US$ in an international restaurant. Also note that you can eat in the hotels where you sleep.

Regarding drinks, don’t leave without tasting the famous chai, an Indian tea mixed with milk and spices. It is very widespread, as are fresh fruit juices, such as Amras, made from mango. On the other hand, tap water is not drinkable; it will be provided to you every day in your vehicle.

Domestic flights

As the country is large, it is very common to resort to domestic flights. It is also possible to travel on a sleeper train.

The most commonly carried out portion departs from Rajasthan to reach the South. The road time being significant, this will allow you to save time and learn more about this country with such varied landscapes.

We can book domestic flights for you if you wish. We recommend Air India, safe and punctual. On the budget side, it is possible to find tickets starting from 80 US$.

Assistance during your tour

At Delighted Journey we support you before and during your trip. Regardless of the option you choose, you will have an emergency number available 24/7. In the case of an accompanied tour, your guide will be there to help you if you encounter the slightest difficulty.

As explained previously, it is common to use a domestic flight or sleeper train during a best trip to India, to change regions and discover more. In this case, you will be transferred and greeted each time by a TraceDirecte representative.

The budget to plan for your trip

On average to go to India, it costs between 120 and 180 US$ per day and per person. This budget may vary depending on the length of the stay, the season, but also depending on the services you have chosen.

Generally the price includes:

  • A traditional welcome on arrival at International aiprot with fresh garland.
  • Accommodation based on double room
  • Breakfasts
  • A vehicle and driver services
  • Domestic flights and airport taxes
  • Entrance fees to the sites
  • 24/7 support from the local agency
  • Water bottle (500ml) per day per pax

The price does not include:

  • The international flight
  • Cancellation insurance and assistance
  • Tips
  • Visa obtaining fees
  • Single room supplement

A little advice from our expert

“India is simply too big and too complex to explore in one trip. It makes more sense to focus on one, two, or maybe three regions, depending on your timeline. I have traveled extensively across India and am passionate about promoting my beautiful country to travelers. I have in-depth knowledge of the most sought-after tourist destinations as well as remote sites rarely known to travelers. I can offer up-to-date and reliable advice on India’s culture, accommodation options and a wide range of experiences. I will work with you to achieve the same goal: to provide you with a unique and memorable experience in India.”

Made Best Trip to India by Delighted Journey

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